Portrait of Seeta Roy, artist, with silk scarf on her head


Seeta Roy is an Australian illustrator and designer based in Sydney. Creating limited edition artworks and unique accessories, her products are designed to bring fun, colour and the beauty of nature into everyday life.

 Perfecting her portraits of the famed Mickey Mouse from a very young age, Seeta is a self taught illustrator with a background in design studio management and retail buying. Her experiences professionally and creatively were drawn upon to launch her own online boutique, where she offers limited edition artworks and accessories that are as unique as their wearer.

Seeta’s work is grounded in her passion for nature and its wildlife, which is then built upon with her love of mid-century design and illustration. She also draws inspiration from her life-long obsession with the 1960s, as evident in her bold colour palette and the subtle ‘pop art’ feel to her work.

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